Friday, 19 June 2015

Happy 16th Birthday Hera!!!

Today my beloved Hera turns 16 years old! Happy Birthday Miss Hera!!!! Have a wonderful day and I'm looking forward to come back home soon and take you to the beach.

I've adopted Hera from the RSPCA in August 1999. I think she's a German Shepherd x Kelpie - I will never know for sure. She's my first dog I'm solely responsible for and it has been a learning curve for me. I grew up with the mellow characters of a whippet, so owning a working dog is an absolute challenge. I think the most difficult thing was to listen to everybody's opinion and decide what's best for me and my dog's personality and our lifestyle. She has turned out great! Very obedient despite being dominant and still independent, she's got a great personality and has become a lot more mellow in her old age.

She always loved the water and she has travelled around the world with me. She's been to many places here in Australia and overseas, such as Germany, Netherlands and Italy.

Today my golden Lady is turning 16. She doesn't hear very well, she's got problems with her hips but she's still the best girl in the world and I'm so grateful that she's sticking around for that long as I love her more than anything.

Happy Birthday Hera!!! May you have a wonderful day with chicken necks and chasing the Magpies. I'll take you to the beach when I come back. Love and miss you very much!

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  1. Happy Birthday Miss Hera!!! She is so beautiful, even in her age!!! I think that your characters fit very well together, strong, lovely and independent!!! From my heart to you and Miss Hera, all the best for both of you, and enjoy your time on the beach!!!