Tuesday, 30 June 2015


After 28 12-hour days, I'm finally home again. Well, at least for a week and a bit...

We had Oysters Kilpatrick on the Friday night with a glass of white wine, just before I fell into bed as I have been travellung since late Thursday morning.
Saturday morning after a good-nights-sleep, I start the day with a wonderful breakfast - everything on my plate is homegrown! Well, the grains for the bread weren't but I baked the bread. After 4 weeks of fruit and vegetables which get washed in a chlorine solution so they still have colour despite being cut up a week before being served, this IS heaven!
While I was away, Steve picked up sone aviaries from Brisbane. We decided to move the birds into the chook pen, so it becomes more interesting for them and a little less mess for us. The suspended aviaries are handcrafted and great quality! I'm sure they will actually survive the birds.
Bella is mean as usual but I think he likes her new spacious home. If she wouldn't have killed 2 previous boyfriends, she wouldn't be alone but now I'm too worried to give her company.
Stormy and Sunny love the new cage and the space.

'What did you say?!'
The aviaries have a small door at the front and a larger one in the back. I'm more than happy with the craftmanship and the guy obviously knows birds as well!
The new suspended aviaries are spacious and offer shelter from sun and wind but still maintaining air flow. Perfect for the QLD weather.
I also asked Clive to do up a nesting box for the chooks. The wind blew the lid of my ebay timber nesting box off and crows got into the 'cat toilet' nesting boxes. This one is crow and weather proof. I'm going to add some shadecloth in that large door for additional privacy but so far, the hens love it.
3 eggs I was given - despite the cooler weather.
Busy at work.
The aviaries and nesting boxes are good quality and they're heavy! While carrying them inside the chook pen, I really struggled. To carry 120 kg between 2 people is a lot! This is the end-result: my arms turned blue-green-yellow with bruises from carrying those heavy items. My whole body actually ached. No wonder after a full day of carrying and gardening! I soaked my poor aching body in some Epsom salt and some nice smelling bath salts and everything was alright again.
I also ordered a 'Grandpa Feeder'. The chooks will have to walk onto the platform to open them. Hopefully this will save me some money as I currently feed a large swarm of wild birds, so called 'freeloaders' 😉.
Despite it being winter, the garden strives. The Pigeon Pea looks beautiful and I'm looking forward to trying those peas (and sharing them with my chooks).
I already harvested a bucket of those beautiful Roma Tomatoes and when I looked today, there's at least another bucketload! Can you ever have too many tomatoes?
The Bauhinia flowers spectaculary at this time of the year.
I placed some lavender next to the front entry door. I just love that scent.
More tomatoes are growing...

But not just the tomatoes, everything is coming along, such as these snowpeas.
This forage gardenbed for the chooks. Potatoes are on the way next to it.
The herb garden is also in full bloom.
Cabbages, spring obions and more snow peas are amongst the Lavender, Marigolds and Nasturtiums.
My garlic is sprouting as well. Lots more is coming - no more vampires!
Dill, Sage, Curry, Tarragon, Parsley, Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Chives and others are in this gardenbed. I have planted all my fruit and vegetables from seed this year, so I'm super proud that of how well they have come along!
Lunchtime - a green tropical smoothie with ingredients out of my backyard - how great is this?
Steve is burning some unwanted items - unfortunately including my pellets I've collected to make gardenbeds. Ah well, I'm sure, I find some new ones.
In the evening, I light the Chimnea to enjoy the BBQ. How good is life?!
The fire was nice and warm but it took off a bit more than I envisaged. However, no harm done, I really enjoyed watching it.
After dinner I retract myself to my study, light the candles and wish this part of my life would never pass.
However, now I have to go to bed. 5 more days until we're on the road again and I want to enjoy every second between now and then.

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  1. Life can be sooo beautiful... at home!!! Even you`re very busy in these days, you enjoyed every second!!! That makes you strong, when you at work again!!! Beautiful garden, a lot of veggies, flowers and a beautiful home as well!!!